Key Issues

Health care and Jobs. This legislative session, we must continue to fight for Medicaid Expansion, which 75% of Georgians, including 57% of Republicans, support. Don’t be fooled by Republicans in the General Assembly and their hollow efforts to implement a post-Affordable Care Act transition. The ACA will not be dismantled overnight, and it is our responsibility to fight to expand Medicaid now so that we can save more than a dozen rural hospitals, bring healthcare to nearly half a million Georgians and create 56,000 new jobs.  

For a toolkit on Medicaid Expansion, click here

Education. Our K-12 schools are still struggling and deserve more resources. We must fight for solutions that recognize the effect that poverty has on young minds and bodies. Together, we must urge the Governor and the state legislature to fully fund public education and to direct extra support to those children who need wrap-around services.  Plus, if we want our students to be well-prepared to thrive in Georgia’s growing economy, we must make higher education more affordable through need-based aid for college and technical schools.

Fighting Discrimination. Trump has emboldened local legislators to pursue discriminatory legislation. We must make our voices heard in opposition to any legislation that singles out a group because of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or immigration status. 

AJC Georgia Legislative Navigator

The actions of the General Assembly impact all Georgians. The AJC is proud to offer this tool to track legislation and lawmakers at the Gold Dome. All bills are categorized by topic, and our reporters have highlighted legislation that will have the biggest public impact. Links to lawmakers will show bill sponsorship, recent votes, committee assignments and top campaign donors. Information will be updated daily throughout the 40-day legislative session.


Track Congress In The Age Of Trump

Trump’s ability to enact his policies will largely come down to how often GOP senators and representatives buck the president’s agenda and, conversely, how often Democrats work with him. Track how often every member of the House and the Senate votes with or against the Trump.