Are you interested in volunteering in your own backyard? Join us as we organize events and actions around the state. The more people that spread the word in Georgia, the stronger Democrats will become. Sign up here for updates on upcoming issues, and to get infographics, sample tweets, and information on direct action at the capitol. Follow @gahousedems and @staceyabrams on Twitter and Facebook for live updates. Sign-up:

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Direct Action

Campaigns are won and change occurs when there is a well organized network of grassroots activists and actions. It takes voter contact to win campaigns and a strong coalition of volunteers, community leaders, and legislators to enact legislative change and promote legislative accountability.

The Democratic Party of Georgia and Georgia House Democratic Caucus are combining efforts to continue to grow and engage our expansive lists of supporters and volunteers all across the state of Georgia.

Below you will find ways to take direct action:

Movement Building

Grassroots Advocacy


Run For Office

Donald Trump’s frightening ascendance has inspired people across the country to run for office and fight back. If you or someone you know is interested in being a voice for your community by running for office, and want to be connected to resources, sign up here:

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